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The list of some events and news which are connected to, and/or influence, and/or are a part of our activities

N20121011: The 2012 laureates of the Nobel Prize in Physics are jointly Serge Haroche and David J. Wineland, "for ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems". Congratulations!

N20121004: Our colleague, Bratimir Panić, retired from the Institute of Physics. He has been working in the Institute since 1974. He was involved in all projects which the Institute realized with the VTI (Military Technical Institute, Belgrade), as well as in numerous laser engineering and laser application projects through a cooperation with many companies and institutions. Besides his everyday regular job duties, he was particularly devoted to helping young people. His technical competence, experience and support of experimental research were of great significance to his colleagues. The Photonics Center expresses deep gratitude to Mr. B. Panić.

N20111111: The crew of Radio-Television of Serbia (RTS), a public broadcasting service, visited our lab several months ago and recorded a documentary on our activities. The film was broadcasted on 2011-11-08 T 22:40 at RTS2.

N20110922: Our researcher, Bojana Bokić, constructed the dust protection around the femtosecond and high-power laser facility thus improving the cleanroom environment and reducing the pollutant levels; the measurements of the laser beam dispersion on dust particles showed approx. 50% decrease.

N20110914: Our researcher, Zoran Grujić, successfully defended the doctoral dissertation at the Physical Faculty of the University of Belgrade, with the title "Dark Raman rezonances due to Ramsey interference in rubidium vapor" (in Serbian).

N20110330: Our researcher, Jelena Dimitrijević, successfully defended the doctoral dissertation at the Physical Faculty of the University of Belgrade, with the title "On the phenomenon of electromagnetically induced absorption in Hanle-configuration" (in Serbian, the thesis is written in English).

N20101223: Our researcher, Marina Lekić, successfully defended the doctoral dissertation at the Physical Faculty of the University of Belgrade, with the title "Magneto-optical rotation of laser field polarization in rubidium vapor" (in Serbian).

N20101221: Our researcher, Aleksandar Krmpot, successfully defended the doctoral dissertation at the Physical Faculty of the University of Belgrade, with the title "The influence of laser beam profile and intensity to the characteristics of coherent dark states in rubidium atoms" (in Serbian).

N20101124: Scientific meeting "Half century of laser", held at Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, with prof. Branislav Jelenković in the Organizational Committee and a speaker, and with prof. Dejan Pantelić as a speaker.

N20100507: Prof. Branislav Jelenković, head of the Photonics Center, won the Institute's 2010 annual prize for his scientific work.

N20100122: The photo from the Photonics Center, "Photonic crystal structure manufactured holographically (100x)", made by Svetlana Savić-Šević under the supervision of Dejan Pantelić, won the title "Image of Distinction 2009" at the "Nikon's Small World" photomicrography competition, and earned its place in the Nikon's Calendar for 2010.

N20091214: The delegation of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia visited the Institute of Physics and the Photonics Center.

N20091014(1): The presentation of the Holography team, in the competition for the Best innovation in Serbia, available on YouTube.

N20090720: On the 40th International Physics Olympiad, the performance of Serbian Olympic team, led by Institute of Physics' researchers, Zoran Mijić (Environmental Physic Lab) and Aleksandar Krmpot (Photonics Center), among the best.

N20090601: Prof. Branislav Jelenković visited the Center for Ultracold Atoms of MIT-Harvard joint research program.

N20090226: Prof. Anton Zeilinger visited the Institute of Physics.

N20090218: A documentary on laser applications, filmed in the Institute of Physics, released twice on Serbian television.

N20081223: A chip for storing a photon's quantum state released at the University of Geneva.

N20081222: Dr Margarita Man'ko from the Physical Institute "Lebedev" (Moscow) visited the Institute of Physics.

N20081125: A team from Radio-television of Serbia (RTS), a public broadcasting system, visited the Institute of Physics making a documentary on laser applications.

N20081112: Serbian Deputy Prime Minister visited laboratories of the Center of Photonics in the Institute of Physics.

N20081106: The APS has announced a new agreement for the authors.

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