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In the Center, there are several on-going projects:


  • HEMMAGINERO - Hemoglobin-based spectroscopy and nonlinear imaging of erythrocytes and their membranes as emerging diagnostic tool (funded by Science Fund RS, PROMIS 6066079, 2020–), PI dr Aleksandar Krmpot
  • Biological and bioinspired structures for multispectral surveillance (Science for Peace and Security Programme project, funded by NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division 2019-2022)
  • Ramsey spectroscopy in rubidium vapour cells and application to atomic clocks (joint research SCOPES programme project, funded by SNSF, 2013–)


Past projects:


  • 2021: Imaging and time resolved spectroscopy of hemoglobin and red blood cells in THz, NIR and visible spectral regions for future biomedical application (bilateral project Serbia-Germany, 2020-2021), PI dr Aleksandar Krmpot (Serbia), dr Rui Pan (Germany)
  • 2021: Hemoglobin-based nano-spectral non-linear imaging for future label-free medical diagnostics (bilateral project Serbia-Slovenia, 2020-2021), PI dr Aleksandar Krmpot (Serbia), dr Rok Podlipec (Slovenia)
  • 2020: Study of biological micro- and nano-structures in the visible, infrared and terahertz range (bilateral project Serbia-Germany, 2018–2020), PI dr Mihailo Rabasović (Serbia) and dr Rui Pan (Germany)
  • 2020: 5G-RECTenna Harvesting and conversion of microwave energy for sensor networks (2019–2020)
  • 2019: 5G-MultiScan Advanced Multi-Beam and Scanning Antennas for 5G and Radar Applications (bilateral project Serbia-Germany, 2018–2019), PI dr Branka Jokanović (Serbia) and Prof. Francisco Medina Mena (Spain)
  • 2019: Holographic methods for the generation of specific wavefronts for the efficient control of quantum coherent effects in the interaction of atoms and lasers (funded by MPNTRS, OI 171038, funded by RS, 2011–2019), PI dr Dejan Pantelić
  • 2019: Nonlinear photonics of inhomogeneous media and surfaces (funded by MPNTRS, OI 171036, 2011–2019), PI dr Dragana Jović Savić
  • 2019: Fabrication and characterization of nano-photonic functional structures in bio-medicine and informatics (funded by MPNTRS, III 045016, 2011–2019), PI dr Branislav Jelenković
  • 2019: Reconfigurable multiband scanned antenna arrays based on metamaterials for wireless communications and sensors (funded by MPNTRS, TR 32024, 2011–2019), PI dr Branka Jokanović
  • 2018: Experimental, theoretical and simulation studies of the breakdown mechanism in radiofrequency microdischarges in compressed, ambient and synthetic air (funded by MPNTRS as bilateral project Serbia-Slovakia, 2017–2018), PI dr Branislav Rađenović
  • 2018: In situ diagnostics and optimization of the ultrashort laser pulses in nonlinear 3D bioimaging microscopy (bilateral project Serbia-Germany, 2016–2018), PI dr Aleksandar Krmpot (Serbia) and dr Nikola Stojanović (Germany)
  • 2017: Control of light by deterministic aperiodic and complex photonic lattices (funded by DAAD, 2016–2017), PI dr Dragana Jović Savić
  • 2015: Laser microscope with fast circular scanning for the applications in biotechnology and medicine (funded by MPNTRS, IP 165/2013, 2014–2015), PI dr Aleksandar Krmpot
  • 2014: Light propagation and light localization in complex photonic lattice systems (funded by DAAD, 2013–2014), PI dr Dragana Jović Savić
  • 2013: Light propagation and localization in advanced photonic systems (funded by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, 2012–2013), PI dr Dragana Jović Savić
  • 2012: Modern optics and spectroscopy – from research to education (joint research SCOPES programme project, funded by SNSF, 2010–2012)
  • 2012: Anderson localization and surface solitons in optically induced photonic lattices (funded by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, 2011–2012), PI dr Dragana Jović Savić
  • 2012: Reconfigurable and Multiband Devices and Antennas Based on Innovative Metamaterial Concepts (bilateral project Serbia-Spain, PRI-AIBSE-2011-1119, 2011–2012), PI dr Branka Jokanović (Serbia) and Prof. Thomas Zwick (Germany)
  • 2010: Quantum and optical interferometry (funded by MPNTRS, 2006–2010), PI dr Branislav Jelenković
  • 2010: Dual-band and triple-band microwave circuits and antennas based on metamaterials for modern communications (funded by MPNTRS, TR 11009, 2008–2010), PI dr Branka Jokanović
  • 2010: Reinforcing research center for quantum and optical metrology (funded by FP6 INCO, 26332, 2006–2010)
  • Eye-safe rangefinder (funded by MPNTRS)
  • Primary standard of length (funded by DMDMRS), PI dr Dejan Pantelić
  • Stimulating environment for studying natural sciences (funded by MPNTRS)

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