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A visit of Serbian Deputy Prime Minister for EU Integration and Minister of Science and Technological Development, Božidar Djelić



Belgrade, November 12, 2008. Serbian Deputy Prime Minister for EU Integration and Minister of Science and Technological Development, Božidar Djelić, paid a visit to the laboratories of the Center for Photonics (the Institute of Physics) on his way through the Institute of Physics. Deputy Prime Minister Djelić and the Spanish Ambassador, His Excellency Íñigo de Palacio España, were accompanied by the Director of the Institute of Physics, Prof. Dragan Popović. The guests were informed, by the Head of the Center - Prof. Branislav Jelenković, about the on-going experiments. They also had a pleasant talk with young researchers of the Center. Deputy Prime Minister Djelić, eyes caught by the device for hologram embossing, expressed some interesting ideas about the cooperation between the Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins and the Institute of Physics concerning embossed holograms. H. E. España showed an interest in experiments of time measurements and the role of quantum computing. He was attracted by the information of establishing the cooperation between the Institute of Physics and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with two forthcoming visits from the Institute of Physics to the MIT.


jpg, 19k3

Fig.211-01. A set-up for classical holography.


jpg, 23k5

Fig.211-02. A holography set-up with diffraction patterns.


jpg, 9k3

Fig.211-03. A HeNe laser beam diffraction pattern.


jpg, 8k5

Fig.211-04. A 2nd harmonic Nd3+:YAG laser beam diffraction pattern.


jpg, 17k6

Fig.211-05. H. E. España in a pleasant talk with the researchers of the Center.


jpg, 10k4

Fig.211-06. A set-up with a blue diode laser.


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Fig.211-07. A blue-diode-laser beam diffraction pattern.


jpg, 16k1

Fig.211-08. A 2nd harmonic Nd3+:YAG laser beam, driven into a fiber.


jpg, 20k0

Fig.211-09. Two 2nd harmonic Nd3+:YAG lasers in full power.


jpg, 18k8

Fig.211-10. Prof. Jelenković gives some details to the Deputy Prime Minister Djelić on how prospective the Ti:sapphire fs lasers are and how carefully the Nd3+:YAG laser beam of 10 W at 532 nm should be treated.


jpg, 26k4

Fig.211-11. A set-up with the magnetic shielding of a Rb cell.


jpg, 21k6

Fig.211-12. Prof. Jelenković describes how precise the measurement of time could be and how it is related to the saying "time is money".


jpg, 18k3

Fig.211-13. Prof. Jelenković and H. E. España talked about the application of experiments and models in quantum information.


jpg, 19k1

Fig.211-14. Deputy Prime Minister Djelić concludes his visit to the Center.



Photos 211-01, 211-02, 211-11 and 211-14 by sitemaster's helper, other photos and a video clip on this page by Bob.

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