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2010 Annual Workshop of the Photonics Center

 Kopaonik, February 11–14, 2010


 Date(s) 2010-02-11 – 2010-02-14  
 Venue   Conference Hall "Tiny Lake" of the "Sunny Heights" apartment area at Kopaonik Mountain resort and National park, Serbia
 Official language(s) Serbian and English  
 Scientific committee Branislav Jelenković Photonics Center of the Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade
 Organizing committee Aleksandar Krmpot Photonics Center of the Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade
 2010-02-11  (Thursday)  
 T 17:00 Branislav Jelenković (Institute of Physics) Opening ceremony (in Serbian)
 chairman: Branislav Jelenković (Institute of Physics)  
 T 17:15 Vladimir Damljanović (Institute of Physics) Reflectivity of an one-dimensional photonic crystal (in Serbian)
 T 17:45 Milena Davidović (Faculty of Civil Engineering) Electromagnetic energy flow lines in the diffraction and interference experiments (in Serbian)
 T 18:15 Goran Gligorić (Institute "Vinča") Discrete vorteces in Bose-Einstein condensates (in Serbian)
 T 18:45   PAUSE (in Serbian)
 chairman: Mirjana Popović-Božić (Institute of Physics)  
 T 19:30 Nevena Raičević (Institute "Vinča") The analysis of whispering-gallery modes in microstructures (in Serbian)
 T 20:00 Aleksandar Daničić (Institute "Vinča") Nonlinear optical effects in silicon waveguides (in Serbian)
 T 20:30 Igor Ilić (Institute "Vinča") Nonlinear effects in metamaterials and waveguide lattices (in Serbian)
 2010-02-12   (Friday)  
 chairman: Aleksander Kovačević (Institute of Physics)  
 T 17:00 Igor Stamenov (Petnica Science Center) The design and manufacture of optical sights (in Serbian)
 T 17:30 Bratislav Obradović (Faculty of Physics) Optogalvanic effect and the measurement of gaseous temperature in abnormal silent discharge (in Serbian)
 T 18:00 Aleksandar Krmpot (Institute of Physics) Nonlinear microscopy (in Serbian)
 T 18:30   PAUSE (in Serbian)
 chairman: Milorad Kuraica (Faculty of Physics)  
 T 18:50 Aleksander Kovačević (Institute of Physics) On thermal effects in laser ultrashort pulse interaction with materials (in Serbian)
 T 18:50 Suzana Petrović (Institute "Vinča") The change of chemical composition and structure in WTi-Si system induced by laser radiation (in Serbian)
 T 20:30   Workshop dinner (in various languages) at mountain lodge "Rtanj"
 2009-03-07   (Saturday)  
 chairman: Dejan Pantelić (Institute of Physics)  
 T 17:00 Milorad Kuraica (Faculty of Physics) One possible realization of a ultraviolet laser on Cu vapor (in Serbian)
 T 17:30 Ljupčo Hadžievski (Institute "Vinča") Bifurcation of asymetrical structures in deffective optical lattices (in Serbian)
 T 18:00 Senka Ćuk (Institute of Physics) Electromagnetically induced transparency and absorption in Rb atoms excitation by rectangular-profiled laser beam (in Serbian)
 chairman: Ljupčo Hadžievski (Institute "Vinča")  
 T 18:30 Dejan Pantelić (Institute of Physics) Methods for non-diffracting beams generation (in Serbian)
 T 19:00 Branislav Jelenković (Institute of Physics) Twisted light in Rb vapor spectroscopy (in Serbian)
 T 19:00 Milan Radonjić (Institute of Physics) Removing, reducing and directing of optical diffraction (in Serbian)
 T 19:30 Branislav Jelenković (Institute of Physics) Closing ceremony (in Serbian)


2009 Annual Workshop of the Photonics Center

 Kopaonik, March 5–8, 2009


 Date(s) 2009-03-05 – 2009-03-08  
 Venue   Congress Hall of the "Sunny Heights" apartment area at Kopaonik, Serbia
 Official language(s) Serbian and English  
 Links   Tourist information on Kopaonik
National park Kopaonik
"Sunny Heights" apartment area
Layout of the "Sunny Heights"

Turistička obaveštenja o Kopaoniku
Nacionalni park Kopaonik
Konaci "Sunčani vrhovi"
Plan Konaka
Vesti sa Kopaonika
 Scientific committee Branislav Jelenković Photonics Center of the Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade
 Organizing committee Aleksandar Krmpot Photonics Center of the Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade
  Milan Trtica Institute "Vinča", University of Belgrade
  Vladimir Trajković Institute for microbiology and immunology of Medical faculty, University of Belgrade
  Ljupčo Hadžievski Institut "Vinča", University of Belgrade
  Siniša Avramović The Eye Clinic, Military Medical Academy
  Björn Lyttkens Lindén Lund University (Lund, Sweden)
 2009-03-05 (Thursday)    
 T 17:00 Vladimir Trajković A projected influence of autophagocytosis in cell death caused by laser radiation (in Serbian)
 T 17:30 Darko Vasiljević Programs for 3D parametric design and their implementation in the construction of complex biomechanical models (in Serbian)
 T 18:00 Branislav Jelenković The influence of EIT on the propagation of EM radiation (in Serbian)
 T 18:30 Aleksander Kovačević The interaction of fs lasers with thin films in the presence of liquids or gases (in Serbian)
 T 19:00 Branka Murić Adaptive micro-lenses (in Serbian)
 2009-03-06 (Friday)    
 T 17:00 Siniša Avramović Diagnostic capabilities of optical coherence tomography (in Serbian)
 T 17:30 Dejan Pantelić Digital holography (in Serbian)
 T 18:00 Stanko Nikolić Four-state mixing and squeezed states in potassium (in Serbian)
 T 18:30 Svetlana Savić-Šević One- and two- dimensional photonic crystals (in Serbian)
 T 19:00 Björn Lyttkens Lindén Frequency-domain quantum eraser (in English)
 2009-03-07 (Saturday)    
 T 17:00 Milan Trtica The program for the development of gaseous lasers in the Institute "Vinča" (in Serbian)
 T 17:30 Ljupčo Hadžievski Extreme events in discrete nonlinear lattices (in Serbian)
 T 18:00 Boban Zarkov A system for construction of dot-matrix holograms (in Serbian)
 T 18:30 Marko Nikolić Optical coherent tomography in ophthalmology (in Serbian)
 T 19:00 Dragan Lukić 2D MOT for Rb atoms: realization and implementation (in Serbian)
 T 20:30    Workshop dinner (in various languages)

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