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Optics Express 16 1343


Enhancement of electromagnetically induced absorption with elliptically polarized light - laser intensity dependent coherence effect

  • Authors:
    • Jelena Dimitrijević (Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade)
    • Zoran Grujić (Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade)
    • Marina Mijailović (Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade)
    • Dušan Arsenović (Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade)
    • Bratimir M. Panić (Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade)
    • Branislav M. Jelenković (Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade)
  • Journal:
    • Optics Express
    • volume 16
    • issue 2
    • page 1343 (11 pages)
    • published 2008-01-17
  • Links:
  • Abstract:
    • Using the 2S1/2 Fg = 2 → 2P3/2 Fe = 3 transition in 87Rb vapor at room temperature, we study effect of the laser light polarization on the electromagnetically induced absorption (EIA). This work extends the recent study of the behavior of the EIA as a function of the laser ellipticity (Brazhnikov et al., JETP Lett. 83, 64, 2006). We have shown that such behavior strongly depends on the laser power. For the low laser power EIA amplitude has maximum for linearly polarized light, while for high laser power elliptically polarized light of ellipticity 15–20° generates maximum of the EIA amplitude. EIA width varies slowly with the laser ellipticity at lower laser power, and much stronger at higher laser power. Through our theoretical model we attributed observed results to combined effect of the laser ellipticity and power on the population of ground state Zeeman sublevels.
    • Abstract URL: http://www.opticsinfobase.org/oe/abstract.cfm?uri=oe-16-2-1343
  • OCIS:
    • 270.1670;
    • 300.1030
  • Keywords:
    • quantum optics: coherent optical effects;
    • spectroscopy: absorption

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