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Laboratory for quantum and atomic optics

Group for quantum and atomic optics.


Quantum and atomic optics group leader:

  • Dušan Arsenović, principal research fellow



  • dr Željka Nikitović, principal research fellow
  • dr Vladimir Damljanović, senior research associate
  • dr Zoran Grujić, senior research associate
  • dr Stanko Nikolić, senior research associate
  • dr Jelena Dimitrijević, research associate
  • Bojana Bokić, research assistant
  • Ivan Radojičić, research assistant
  • Marija Ćurčić, research assistant


External associates

  • dr Branislav Jelenković, member of the SASA
  • dr Mirjana Božić, principal research fellow


Previous members

  • dr Milan Radonjić, senior research associate


Research direction

  • The research covers specific interactions of laser and atoms which generate processes of coherent population trapping, linked phenomena of electromagnetic induced transparency and absorption, as well as non-linear magneto-optical rotation of polarization. Hot vapor of alkali metal atoms are used. Our investigations are focused to the area of slow or stopping light as well, and also to its applications in all-optical signal switching. Measuring of Zeeman splitting of magnetic sub-levels of alkali metals by quantum optic techniques enables monitoring of magnetic field fluctuations with sensitivity of the order of femto Tesla. Such sensitivity enables the detection of brain waves and also the non-contact measurement of heart operation. Magnetometers developed in our laboratory are used in the experiments for measurements of neutron dipole moment (nEDM collaboration) and for the detection of exotic interactions with dark matter (axions, GNOME collaboration). In near future, due to the project funded by the Government of Germany, mobile high-precision magnetometer for geomagnetic mapping of unexplored locations of mineral resources or archaeological sites will be developed.


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